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When advantages and disadvantages are asked for, students should attempt to identify the most important advantage or disadvantage and then justify the reason for the choice. Assess Asks students to measure and judge the magnitude or quality of something. Apply This as the word suggests is asking you to apply your knowledge of a particular thing, say the monetary or fiscal policy, to a given situation.

Why Invites students to present reasons for the existence of something. You must offer reasons as to why you chose to support the decision that you did. It is asking you to relate your A level business studies essay questions specific knowledge of the issue from the syllabus area to the particular situation that has been given to you.

Account for Asks students to explain a particular situation or a particular outcome. Wherever it is possible ,try to give examples, this is especially true if the material offered has examples within it. When strategies are asked for, students should attempt to assess the short term and long term implications.

What is This question calls for the student to give an explanation about something. Students are expected to present a reasoned case for the existence of something.

Comment A comment question requires you to draw some conclusions about the issue under consideration. Questions that begin "evaluate", "assess", "critically assess", "discuss" or "to what extent" require students to show their skills of evaluation in order to reach the highest achievement levels.

Explain Directs students to describe clearly, make intelligible and give reasons for a concept or idea. Account for the rise in unemployment shown in the table of data. Students should weigh the nature of the evidence available and discuss the convincing aspects of an argument as well as its implications and limitations, and the less convincing elements within an argument.

What Asks students to clarify the nature of something, in contrast to either a temporal dimension when? Explain why a monopolist may charge different prices to different customers for the same service.

A description of the two situations does not on its own meet the requirements of this key term. Define When asked to define it is essential that a very clear and correct definition is given of a specific word or concept.

Discuss Asks students to consider a statement or to offer a considered review of or balanced argument about a particular topic. Distinguish between normal and supernormal profit. What is the difference between a tariff and a quota? How A how question requires the details be explained about how something is achieved or has been stopped or whatever other exercise the question is asking you to perform.

Justify A justify question is asking a student to explain the reasons why or for what reason something is happening or maybe not happening.

Students may offer differing assessments as they present the reasoning for their conclusion. It is similar to the Invitation "account for". It is the weighing or measuring of factors followed by an attempt to give relative weight to those factors. Distinguish Asks students to make clear their understanding of similar terms.

Try to say the reason why a thing may or may not happen. This command word implies a powerful requirement to present a judgment. Analyse Here you are being asked to provide a comparison in detail of the causes and any possible effects of how the thing under consideration has developed or happened.

Evaluation occurs when a judgment is made. Discus the view that trade is more effective than aid in promoting economic development.

Evaluate alternative policies designed to reduce inflation. When factors such as causes, consequences or remedies are asked for, students should attempt to identify the most important ones and then to justify the reason for the choice.

When data is offered, students may question its validity, in terms of whether it is appropriate, whether it is reliable, or whether it is still relevant When summarizing a theory, students may question its validity, in terms of whether it is appropriate, whether it is reliable, or whether it is still relevant.

This is telling you that you need to make suggestions as to possibly why or why not something may or may not, in your own opinion, be appropriate considering the issue or event being analysed. Outline Outline really only requires the main features relating to the issue to be given.

Analyse the extent to which foreign aid promotes economic development. Which This question is asking you to make a decision from the range of choices, decisions or methods etc. Define what is meant by a free-trade area.

When doing a question like this it is important to show each step or stage of an calculation used. Assess the economic implications of the movement of many eastern and central European countries from planned economies to market economies.

Why do prices tend to be stable in an oligopolistic industry?AQA A Level Business 25 mark Homework Activities - Free Resource Download. Graham Prior 31 st August Print page. 25 mark 'essay' questions, of which students need to choose 2). Subscribe to email updates from the tutor2u Business.

Free business studies papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays · Business unit level, and · Functional or departmental level Strategy may be about competing and surviving as a firm, products are developed by business units.

- Business Analysis of Outback Steakhouse This essay answers the. EXAMINER TIPS for AS and A Level Business Studies How to Use These Tips These tips highlight. Paper 3 Tips • Paper 3 consists of five compulsory questions and one either/or option essay question.

• Many of the tips for Papers 1 and 2 apply to Paper 3 as well; in particular: o You should answer all questions in the context of the 5/5(18). Question: A-LEVEL BUSINESS STUDIES 1. Explain the factors influencing location decisions. [8] or [12] 2. Explain the advantages for a.

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A-Level Business Studies

Biology Essay Questions Business Essay Questions. C. Fashion Essay Questions Film Studies Essay Questions Finance Essay Questions. G. Geography Essay Questions Geology Essay Questions. H. Health Essay Questions History Essay Questions Housing Essay Questions Human Rights Essay Questions.

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A level business studies essay questions
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