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She traveled constantly, often with Stanton, in support of efforts in various states to win the franchise for women: She refused to support Prohibition because she believed it detracted attention from the cause of woman suffrage.

Regardless of whether her audience agreed or disagreed with her point of view, she delivered an invaluable effort with her inspirational lectures. In the s, while president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Anthony emphasized the importance of gaining the support of organized labor.

Anthony advocated dress reform for women. At her trial in Canandaigua inthe judge instructed the jury to find her guilty without discussion. The use of logos, the appeal to logic, is also employed in Susan B. Her work helped pave the way for the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitutiongiving women the right to vote.

Her exhausting speaking and organizing tour of Kansas in failed to win passage of a state enfranchisement law. Anthony, three of her sisters, and other women were arrested in Rochester in for voting.

Susan B Anthony

Early in her life she developed a sense of justice and moral zeal. They protested when Daniel was acquitted of murder on a plea of temporary insanity and given custody of their son. She was also a prime target of public and newspaper abuse.

This background in the suffrage movement provided her with her credibility. When printers in New York went on strike, she urged employers to hire women instead, believing this would show that they could do the job as well as men, and therefore prove that they deserved equal pay.

She remained active until her death on March 13, The success of Susan B. Vaughn was pardoned, and Anthony used the case to point out the different moral standards expected of men and women and the need for women jurors to ensure a fair trial.

She made her first public speech in at a Daughters of Temperance supper. They were bitterly disappointed and disillusioned when women were excluded. She had a keen mind and a great ability to inspire.

Early life Anthony was reared in the Quaker tradition in a home pervaded by a tone of independence and moral zeal.

It promoted a policy of purchasing American-made goods and encouraging immigration to rebuild the South and settle the entire country.

In a last-minute effort to meet the deadline she put up the cash value of her life insurance policy.Susan B. Anthony: Susan B. Anthony, American activist who was a pioneer crusader for the woman suffrage movement in the U.S.

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The papers of reformer and suffragist Susan B. Anthony () span the period with the bulk of the material dating from to The collection, consisting of approximately items (6, images) on seven recently digitized microfilm reels, includes correspondence, diaries, a daybook, scrapbooks, speeches, and.

Free Essay: Susan B. Anthony has gone through many rough times and had to go through many obstacles. She has had many ideas to try and get women equal.

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Introduction a. In a time where women were thought of to be slaves to men, it was very hard for. Susan Brownell Anthony Essay - Susan Brownell Anthony: The Mother of America If the Majority of this nation agrees that George Washington was the founding father of America, then Susan B.

Anthony would have to be the founding mother of America.

Anthony b essay susan
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