Australiais transport management: sustainability essay

With the progressively faster phase of energy consumption in the world, these natural sources which were once cheap sources of energy are rapidly depleting that in turn escalate its market price. The Hype about Hydrogen: While the discovery of renewable transportation fuels is the most efficient way to address and to attain sustainability of freight transportation, a precautionary approach of fuel usage reduction, better fuel efficient transportation technology and the switch to alternative fuel sources can buy us time to enhance potential renewable sources of energy that can hopefully substitute and replace the fossil fuels.

The incapacity of nations to make a positive and aggressive action to reduce or eradicate its dependence on fossilized energy resources that is nearing exhaustion will result to severe economic and social consequences.

For instance, a better bigger, more secured, more comfortable and faster railway system can transport over 30, people a day, take 25, cars off the highways which in turn can help decongest our streets and more importantly, help save approximately 15million liters of fuel each year.

Deficit soars as oil imports hit home. Carbon dioxide emission greatly plays a big part in the degradation of our environment, air pollution and the destruction of natural habitats. Dunn and Mutti Environmental.

An electric car is powered by an electric motor that follows the fundamental principles of electromagnetism.

Freight transportation is at the core of logistics and distribution of raw materials and commodities, which is a vital economic activity in modern society. Fact and Fiction in the Race to Save the Climate. Unfortunately, no renewable source of energy has yet been discovered to equalize even half of the energy potential that fossil fuels can generate.

The use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel has won the support of many environmentalists because when it burns, it leaves no trace in the air, except for a bit of water vapor.

Industry as a Partner for Sustainable Development: In a worst scenario, a devaluation of Australian currency because of deficits have a direct contribution to price inflation as real earning power of our currency weakens. The most apparent impact with the rising costs of oil in freight transportation is the corresponding increase in the cost for logistics and distribution that ultimately translates to rising prices of transportation services, commodities and other consumer goods.

Australia’s Transport Management: Sustainability Essay Sample

Aggressively adopt alternative fuels. Restoring used oil by removing impurities in contaminants can help prolong its utility. In a wider economic scale, with the declining oil production in Australia, the importation of oil to fill its surmounting demand is increasing its trade deficit which can have serious repercussions on its long term economic viability.

This includes the promotion for the greater use of public railway systems or trains and other similar or pertinent programs. Thus, the country has resorted to greater oil importation to fulfill its increasing consumption needs.

Corollary to the reduction on car use and freight transport for oil conservation, other alternative means of transportation should be promoted such as walking, cycling and others. In Australia like many other nations, the concern over sustainability is one of the most pressing issues in freight logistics because of its economic, environmental and political impacts.

Used lubricating oil can be recycled in different ways. Its rechargeable battery packs is stored with chemical energy that provides the electricity.

Fuel economy improvement can be achieved by enhancement of vehicle design i. Canberra May 6, Sustainable Development of Australian Cities the viability of public transport and increases the ecological footprint and economic of development continues on the future management and sustainability of cities will be very significant (Roberts &.

Challenges to Urban Transport Sustainability and Smart Transport in a Tourist City: The Gold Coast, Australia vantage as integral elements in a superior urban transport management system [10,29].

Research in Transportation Economics

Low density (i.e. for most Australian urban areas Challenges to Urban Transport Sustainability and Smart Transport in a Tourist City. Research in Transportation Business & Management (RTBM) will publish research on international aspects of transport management such as business strategy, communication, sustainability, finance, human resource management, law, logistics, marketing, franchising, privatisation and commercialisation.

1 Collaborative action for sustainable transport outcomes: transport management associations in Australia and New Zealand.

Kevin Luten and David Meiklejohn.

Research in Transportation Business & Management

Sustainable living is, in short, living in harmony with the community around you and the natural world you are placed in, in such a way that your actions will not harmfully affect the world around you now, or the state of that community for future generations.

In Australia like many other nations, the concern over sustainability is one of the most pressing issues in freight logistics because of its economic, environmental and political impacts.

Under these circumstances, a comprehensive transportation management plan is in urgent needed.

Australiais transport management: sustainability essay
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