Case 4 lafarge aget heracles case

Copies of Declaration of Acceptance forms will be available at any business hour of any business day throughout the Acceptance Period from the branches of the Receiving Bank. However, the trade union has warned that, if management maintains a high-handed attitude, the union will resort to industrial action.

Following government intervention, it was decided to reopen the plant until July Lampousaki, Sofia A dispute has broken out between management at Heracles General Cement Company and the trade union at its plant in Halkida on the island of Euboea.

Reactions to management actions The workers denounced the company for meeting permanent operating needs of the plant by hiring external contractors to do specialised work, in violation of agreements and the five-day, hour week. At the same time, in an extra judicial note to the Halkida cement workers union, it denounced the decisions of the Greek courts and the agreements concluded with the union inand … It is obvious that Lafarge has imposed a peculiar form of lockout in order to coerce workers and render their industrial relations ineffective.

In case the requirements of article 27 of the Law are not fulfilled and, therefore, the Offeror is not entitled to the exercise of the Squeeze-out Right, the Offeror will not pursue any action towards the delisting of the shares from ATHEX. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas Message: The employees stated that they were prepared to step up their industrial action, as they feared dismissals.


Nevertheless, in the absence of a response, the management felt obliged to take action. On 6 JulyAGET agreed that the plant would reopen temporarily until 4 Julyon condition that the maintenance contractors and the contractor for the mobile quarry equipment could work without impediment.

However, the engagements were never carried out, resulting in a staff shortage and violation of the hour, five-day week. Hide comments Eurofound welcomes feedback and updates on this regulation Add new comment.


It is clarified that the Offeror belongs to the LafargeHolcim group of companies and has submitted the Tender Offer as a result of the respective obligation arisen on the ultimate parent undertaking, LafargeHolcim Ltd, which acts in concert with the Offeror. The procedure for accepting the Tender Offer is set forth in detail in section 2.

Dispute at cement plant over unfair treatment of staff Published on: The public exchange offer was thereafter resumed from 15 July until 28 July and following the completion of a squeeze-out process on 23 OctoberLafargeHolcim Ltd.

Thus, management placed the workers on compulsory paid leave so that the contractors could finish the maintenance work, after which the plant would continue in normal operation.

AGET Hercules records 4% jump in sales for 2001

In addition, the shareholders will be entitled, as at 11 November and throughout the Tender Offer Acceptance Period, to receive copies of the Information Memorandum from the offices of the Offeror, located at Road C, 2, km in Montcada I Reixac, Barcelona, Spain.

Furthermore, the Information Memorandum will be available in electronic form on the webpage of the Offeror http:2 GREECE ENERGY Fuel and electricity represent about 35% of total cement production cost. Energy savings have reached a critical point (30% reduction since ).

Prices of traditional fuels (coal, pet-coke, heavy fuel oil) continuously increase. Alternative fuels are an interesting solution both financially and environmentally. (5 marks total for 8 cases write-up) Group Presentation The group will get a maximum presentation time of 30 minutes with some 30 minutes for discussion and Q&A.

5. 1 ½ line space) excluding exhibits and appendices. Lafarge-Aget Heracles The report suggests some alternative solutions that the company should adopt to remain profitable in the market and the effect of implementing those solutions on the growth prospects of the company.

Here are the top 25 Plant Manager profiles at Ds Smith on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities L Luxembourg EN Case No COMP/M - LAFARGE / BLUE CIRCLE Only the English text is.

HERACLES operates thow cement production plants, one of which, located in Volos, is the largest cement plant in Europe. It also operates 6 Distribution Centers around Greece. It also operates 6 Distribution Centers around Greece.

Case 4 lafarge aget heracles case
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