Challenge workplace diversity essay

The people of different background, Challenge workplace diversity essay, religion creates diverse workforce. In other words, leaders must learn to manage diversity. He claims that many commentators on diversity claim that the problem stems from its definition and how the concept of diversity can be distinguished from those relating to positive action and equal opportunities.

It is claimed that diversity in the workforce can increase productivity and organisational effectiveness by harnessing the contribution of a wider range of perspectives Choi and Rainey, and through the creation of stronger teams Herring, Women, people of color, and immigrants will soon hold almost three- quarters of all jobs in this country Jackson et al.

There are many aspects to impartially managing diversity as a manager and establishing the right attitude in the rest of the department. Benefits of workplace diversity There are numerous cited benefits for organisations that have a diverse workforce, such as it acting as a source of real competitive advantage Herring, and being associated with increased profitability Ng and Wyrick, Competing to win in the global economy will require an ability to attract, retain, motivate and develop high- potential employees of both genders from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

According to Tung and Baumann people from different ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds hold different values when it comes to areas such as pay, reward and incentives and therefore organisations cannot assume that individuals from different ethnic groups will react in the same way to monetary based performance systems or financial schemes.

They have also asserted that organizations that value differences will cultivate non-traditional markets, by dint of their apparent progressiveness and their ability to assess non-traditional preferences; and will enjoy greater creativity, problem solving, and responsiveness as a result of the wider range of viewpoints brought to bear on tasks.

Organizations have been advised to attract, develop, and retain males and females of all ages, skin colors, cultural backgrounds, and physical capacities to remain competitive Cox and Blake, In addition, it is argued that successfully managing diversity can result in more satisfied and committed employees delivering potentially enhanced financial performance for the organisation Patrick and Kumar, Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol.

Furthermore, approaches to managing diversity have been criticised for failing to sufficiently take into consideration the structural disadvantage that exists for many minority groups within the workforce Wrench, and for not being able to adequately confront the dominant ideologies and power relations that exist Noon, With having more diverse work environment organization can produce better performance.

A more diverse workforce, they say, will increase organizational effectiveness. How you refer to people from diverse populations requires some conscious sensitivity. The issue of workplace diversity has become increasingly debated in management circles due to expanding globalisation, changing demographics in the labour market and a greater awareness and acknowledgment more generally that there are differences between individuals Hite and McDonald, Most important aspect these days is to train the managers to handle the diverse workforce.

A number of strategies and approaches have been identified for implementing the effective management of diversity and all focus on creating inclusive cultures within organisations which require strong leadership and reinforcement in practice. In addition, clear objectives relating to diversity must be communicated alongside the provision of appropriate training to help managers and leaders deliver these.

It has been argued that diversity has the potential to reduce group cohesiveness and increase conflict in teams and between employees and managers Skerry, There is an importance of having diverse workforce to provide better performance.

Furthermore, diversity in the workforce can deliver business advantage when dealing with diverse customer bases or international markets Podsiadlowski et al,as organisations with diverse employees tend to have a better understanding of the requirements and obligations of the legal, political, social, economic, and cultural environments in which they operate Patrick and Kumar, Are diversity climate perceptions the key?

And it is becoming more important for the organizations to know about these differences and how to manage it.Implementation of diversity in the workplace is a intervening challenge to all the advocates of diversity (DeSouza ).

With the right use of employee assessments and research data advocates must build the customized strategy to maximize the effects of diversity in the workplace for their particular organization. The purpose of diversity training in the workplace, among other things, is to improve communications between diverse social groups.

Besides that,the challenge is refer to diversity management. Related to the challenge of policy implementation, diversity management must be properly delegated and enforced in order to be effective.

Essay Empowerment in Workplace. Empowerment in workplace Introduction Empowerment is a buzzword in management field. It is a different form of organization from the traditional hierarchy.

Challenges of Managing Diversity in the Workplace

The Challenges of Workplace Diversity Organizations recognize that they must take action to effectively manage an increasingly diverse, global workforce in order to be successful (Jackson et al., ).

Introduction This paper aims to critically explore the key benefits and challenges of managing diversity within the workplace.

Essay: Diversity in the Workplace

It begins by examining the concept of diversity and the drivers for it, and then, drawing on examples from the current literature, reviews the different benefits and challenges of managing diversity in the workplace. The Challenge of Diversity Essay - When America was founded, it was established on freedom and equality for all people.

At first it was just religious freedom, but eventually freedom of speech, press, petition, and more.

Challenge workplace diversity essay
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