Comparing and contrasting confucianism and legalism

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Means, institutions, techniques, and rites — a comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism Surpassing imperfection is the ultimate religious goal of a Hindu. The third classification is religious relativism, which is the view that there is no universal, absolute, eternal, religious truth. The idea behind it is that humans need to be connected with "the dao" or "the way of nature.

Christians and Muslims differ on what that one path is that leads to salvation, but as far as religious nature is concerned, both Christianity and Islam undeniably represent religious absolutism.

Confucianism had a supremacy at the sphere of politics than others, but they had less impact on the teachings such as how Cosmos was created, or about Metaphysics itself. In Confucianism, each person has a role that they must follow. The religion that falls under the religious nature of skepticism is Buddhism.

Let me apologize to Mr. Shinto emphasizes the "here and now" and stresses immediate happiness, whereas other prominent religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, downplay earthly happiness and set their sights on happiness in the afterlife.

Due to its emphasis on specialized ranks, functions, and hierarchies, Confucianism became a state religion, so to speak, by the authoritarian Chinese government circa To elaborate, Buddha founded a religion without priestly authority, rituals, tradition, or deities and the supernatural.

If one threw trash in the street, his hands were amputated. Please spread the word. Sikhism expresses religious pluralism by believing that there are many ways of reaching the same God.

Worship of their ancestors so that they would ressurect. Smith 60 Two fundamentally different perceptions of God Brahman persist. With religious relativism, different views exist however within each of those views shares the idea that it is not right or wrong for others to have opposing views.

Polytheism is the view that there are many gods. There was a strict punishment-reward system. Smart 95 Originally, Buddhist teaching did not dictate specific techniques or rituals necessary to reach said goals.Sample of completed Venn diagram about three philosophies of Confucianism, Legalism, and Taoism noting where to include similarities and.

- Comparing Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism Works Cited Not Included The belief in some higher presence, other than our own, has existed since man can recollect. Religion was established from this belief, and it can. While Confucianism constitutes the bedrock of Chinese culture, Daoism, Buddhism, and Legalism also contributed to its development.

The Influence of Daoism, Buddhism, and Legalism on Chinese Culture. 0. 27 Mar This co-existence of contrasting Confucian and Daoist values in the lifetime of a Confucian scholar is a good example. Comparing and Contrasting Taoism with Christianity.

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VENN DIAGRAM: ANSWER KEy CONFUCIANISM • Mandate of Heaven • Confucius, Mencius • hierarchical social order • benevolence • social relations.

Comparison of Eastern Faiths

Major Philosophies of China Confucianism Legalism Taoism The Warring States Period Warfare broke out between nobles at the end of Zhou dynasty Led to period of upheaval and chaos People began to think about the best way to restore: Social order Harmony Respect for authority Confucius BC- BC Known as Kongfuzi .

Comparing and contrasting confucianism and legalism
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