Discovery of the new world

They sailed from Tidor in the Moluccas, in the beginning of the year, and made extensive discoveries on the north coast of Os Papuas, or Papua, which discoveries will be seen on the old Spanish chart in the next chapter.

Age of Discovery

Santa Cruz Island They set sail from Callao on the 9th of April,and, after discovering the Marquesas, and a few smaller islands, they sighted land on September the 7th, which Mendana believed, at first, to be the Solomons, of which he was in quest.

On the 4th of September he arrived at that group, where he met Gonzalo de Vigo, one of the seamen of the Trinidad.

They just do it outdoors and thus entertain the general public with their behavior. Salazar steered for the Discovery of the new world. Let us now turn to the eastern shores of Australia, for we need not trouble about the southern shores as they are connected with the Antarctic continent.

As it was intended to settle a colony, many took their wives with them, and amongst these were: As shipping between Seville and the West Indies grew, knowledge of the Caribbean islands, Central America and the northern coast of South America grew.

During the voyage there had been many disagreements, and Mendana intended to bring charges against Sarmiento when he arrived at Lima. To meet the requirements of the general reader, and to serve as a text book of Australian History, the present publication has been issued as a handy compendium of the original volume.

The Red Sea was barely known and only trade links with the Maritime republicsthe Republic of Venice especially, fostered collection of accurate maritime knowledge.

The Gulf of Guinea would be reached in the s. Download the companion Educator Guide and get ready to challenge your students! Some suspect the Portuguese had secretly discovered Brazil earlier, and this is why they had the line moved eastward and how Cabral found it, but there is no reliable evidence of this.

Enter the size of your word search puzzle Your puzzle can be up to 40 letters by 40 letters and still fit on one page. The Trinidad was lost in a heavy squall in Ternate Roads, and all hands made prisoners by the Portuguese.

Observe also that the south coast of Java is not marked. His ship was wrecked, and the expedition came to an end, a few of the survivors reaching the Spice Islands in This is not extraordinary, for it was not uncommon in those days, nor was it deemed strange that many years should elapse before the results of an expedition could be known at head-quarters.

These islanders were tall, with dark brown skins and bodies well proportioned; their habitations were scattered irregularly on the sea-shore, among palms and other trees which abounded in the island.


The following is the list in chronological order of all the specimens known to exist: From Japan in the north, to Timor in the south, and from Java in the west, to the Carolines and Ladrones in the east, they penetrated everywhere. On 25 April the entire fleet sailed into the harbour they named Porto Seguro.

They found it to be an island about thirty leagues in circumference, apparently an atoll, for it was described as having "a lagoon inside," and was surrounded by a coral reef.

Albeit, the errors of these charts are far more suggestive of deliberate distortion than, of inaccurate charting. In the meanwhile, Gallego and Ortega, the camp-master, examined the coast on board the brigantine and discovered several other islands. These islands, situated outside the Spanish sphere, had fallen under Portuguese sway by treaties with the native kings, and by conquests made after the death of Magellan.

Portugal was then mistress of the sea. There, in what came to be called the "Gold Coast" in what is today Ghanaa thriving alluvial gold trade was found among the natives and Arab and Berber traders.

As they approached the land the Spaniards saw about a hundred natives inviting them, by signs of friendship, to land and go to them, but it was not practicable to make good their landing, the waves broke with such fury upon the rocks, that all their efforts proved ineffectual.

Portuguese Hemisphere and Spanish Hemisphere Slowly and sadly--slowly always, sadly often--his vessels had crept down the west coast of Africa; little by little one captain had overstepped the distance traversed by his predecessor, until at last in a successful voyager actually rounded the Cape.

Michael; and on the right, another shield of France and Dauphiny, quarterly.Embark on a voyage of discovery unlike any other and uncover the real stories of individuals living with the most mysterious and incredible medical anomalies, and celebrate the remarkable spirit of the individuals who have persevered.

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The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea Being The Narrative of Portuguese and Spanish Discoveries in the Australasian Regions, between the. What is science? Science is the concerted human effort to understand, or to understand better, the history of the natural world and how the natural world works, with observable physical evidence as the basis of that understanding is done through observation of natural phenomena, and/or through experimentation that tries to simulate natural.

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Discovery of the new world
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