How to write address on mailing tube

This will help to ensure that you purchase the proper size tube. Taping the ends before you label the tube prevents you from inadvertently covering the address with the tape ends. Warning Make sure that what you are shipping in a postal tube is an item that is permitted to be sent through the postal service.

How to Address a Shipping Tube

Once the tube is packed and sealed, turn it so that the largest and cleanest no tape ends or markings portion of the tube is turned toward you. Place the rectangle so it falls as close as it can to the center of the shipping tube, and make it large enough so that you see all of the edges of the rectangle.

Make sure you have used the end caps that came with the cardboard tubes. Remove the label from its adhesive and apply it onto the shaft of the mailing tube, and try to place it in the center of the shaft.

Instead, use a rubber band to ensure that the document remains rolled tightly. The use of mailing tubes is the perfect product packaging for these shipping needs, as they provide a unique package for optimal protection of your items. Write your name and return address information in the upper left corner of the rectangle or shipping label.

Make sure that the font type and size used are easy to read. Practice on some scrap paper first before writing on the tube or label. In either case, make the rectangle or pick the shipping label so that it is not so large you have to turn the tube to see the edges, but that it is large enough for you to write in.

Also on the label, be sure to indicate your return address in the event that your mailing tube fails to reach its intended destination. As much as possible, write the address such that the one who is reading it will not have to turn the tube to be able to read everything.

To mail your shipping tube, take your item to your local shipping company or post office to be weighed. All you have to do is roll the item, place it inside the tube, put on the plastic caps that come with it and seal with tape to ensure that they will not pop out.

Ensure that both caps at the end of the tube are secured firmly before you mail the document. Write the shipping address in the center part of the label or rectangle using large, clear print.

Shipping with mailing tubes

Your mailing tube is addressed and ready for postage. Because of its shape irregular shape and curving surface, putting on the address can be a bit difficult on a tube. Replace the previously removed cap in order to properly close the shipping tube.

If your package contains items on the prohibited list not only will your package not be delivered, but you may be subjected to fines and prosecution. Prior to purchasing a mailing tube, be sure to measure the size of the document you intend to send.

You may now take the mailing tube to a shipping company or post office. The address box must be placed on the center of the mailing tube. You might also like: Make sure your writing is legible and not too big nor too small. The shipping address may have up to five lines so before you begin, make sure you can print clearly in the space provided and fit all of the information.

Use a permanent marker to write the name and address of the receiver.

How to Write a Mailing Address on an Envelope

Your return address is only used in the event that the address you are sending it to no longer exists and the package must be returned. Additional tips should also be considered when using a mailing tube.

Remove an end cap from one side of the tube.In nearly every country, the address format differs. Even if these differences seem small, they can play a big role in whether or not your mail makes it to the intended recipient. Our products are able to verify, correct and format addresses according to the local postal standards.

To see what we mean, try it out below by selecting a country. The USPS provides guidance as to how addresses should be printed on mailing labels— not how they should appear in email signatures or anywhere else. Regardless of what's on the envelope, it's unlikely a block form letter will include the recipient's address in ALLCAPS NO PUNCTUATION; it would be jarring.

– choster Jun 13 '17 at Aug 19,  · If the street address is too long to format fully on one line, write the apartment number directly below, then continue the address on a third line.

How to Address an Envelope

[2] You might write, for example, " Main Street # "72%(36). How to Send APO/FPO Military Mail. When mailing to a DPO address, do not include the street address of the embassy or the recipient's job title. 6. Include the APO and "state" designator (AA, AP, AE).

Do not use the state that the. Don’t forget the Air Mail sticker – unless you’re using International Economy; Remember to include your return address. Return address.

If you want to make sure your post can get back to you if undelivered, don't forget to include your UK return address on each item. Just remember that your return address needs to be in the UK.

2. Don't forget to also write your name and return address information in the upper left corner of the address box. 3. As much as possible, write the address such that the one who is reading it will not have to turn the tube to be able to read everything.


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When using a printed shipping label, choose one that can also be read easily without the need to .

How to write address on mailing tube
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