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Scientists problem so far is that they did not know what frequency the extraterrestrial intelligence are using, so there had to be a high number of channels in the receiver if they hope to pick up one frequency. Solar System Life on other planets, Is there another titan planet out there that harbors life?

As the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has been based around two different approaches, first approach was the radio telescope that was used and set toward a specific star. The Habitable Zone is a region surrounding a star throughout which the surface temperatures of a planet would be ideal for life formation and be life sustaining Kasting, Whitmire, Reynolds Due to flares, red dwarf stars can generate more particle radiation and specific kinds of ultraviolet rays than our sun does.

A space probe has helped scientists understand more about the solar system and is used to give a rough idea to a possible indication of life on other planets.

To see if worlds like Titan could host oceans when not orbiting Saturn, McKay and planetary scientist Ashley Gilliam calculated what a Titan-like world might be like while orbiting around a relatively dim M4 red dwarf star.

There have been many studies and Earth is the only planet that supports human lives. Many scientists and philosophers around this time, and even present day scientists and philosophers, would have agreed with his statement. These star types span the range of star temperatures.

Earth-like planets orbiting other stars have yet to be discovered, but most astronomers is there life on other planets essay help one will be found. For a very long time people here on Earth believe they have seen aliens.

This classification is ordered from hottest to coldest, comparing mass, radius and luminosity to our Sun. Spectral type is determined strictly by temperature: With this technology, humankind has made advancements that enable more accurate research and validation to the science of astronomy.

Scientists worldwide are involved in research of location and identification of new planets and unexplained occurrences within the universe, along with exploration of life on other planets. Ongoing studies and research for microbial and non-intelligent forms of life Choi, C.

The first method was sending space probes out with Earth and following its journey around specific planets. To search for extraterrestrial intelligence, scientists use radio telescopes to try and pick up any transmissions from planets orbiting stars such as Gliese However this method was extremely costly and has a limited coverage of our sky which again proved disappointing.

In order for a star to maintain a potentially life-giving planet within its orbit certain criteria would have to be established and maintained. The best lead as far as the planet Mars is that Scientist have studied Mars for a while and have come to a conclusion that Mars looks like it used to be able to support life though they have not yet spotted any evidence off life their yet.

Some space probes fly out to the Solar System and do not return to earth whilst others stay within in the solar system orbiting around a specific planet for a long period of time.

The seas of Titan are made of liquid methane, often leading to speculation as to whether or not they could host life, much like how life on Earth depends on water.

Look at it this way, we live on a galaxy containing somewhere around billion stars and theirs over billion galaxys that we can actually see. There is a high possibility of life existing outside our planet.

The fascination of intelligent life other than us has led to many studies and theories. Such aliens would consume organic compounds just as Earth life does, but inhale hydrogen gas in place of oxygen and exhale methane instead of carbon dioxide Choi, C.

Over two thousand years ago Titus Lucretius Carus was certain there was life elsewhere in the Solar System and he was not the only person to assume this. Light and radio waves travel at a slow rate throughout the never-ending universe, making contact with possible intelligent life forms from other planets almost impossible.

In order for a starless planet to have liquid methane seas on its surface, a more realistic scenario might be for it to be both larger and warmer than Titan and have a thicker atmosphere, he suggested Choi, C. The researchers also calculated what Titan could be like orbiting a slightly hotter M3 red dwarf star, such as Gliese Space probes are unmanned spacecraft which relays information that helps scientists be aware of the weather and other changes which happen out with our planet Earth.

There is not a lot of proof of this other than the idea of aliens being seen other than the few sightings which could be unreliable. Scientists continue to search and improve technology to see if they can one day find life on other planets.

The star which was chosen was because of the stars close resemblance to our Sun. Our Sun is presently a G-2 class Star, which because of size and photospheric temperature is best suited for sustaining life as we humans understand it.

Is There Life on Other Planets

If Titan was placed at a distance from these red dwarfs so that it received the same average amount of light as it received from the Sun, the scientists estimated this extra infrared could warm its surface by about another 10 degrees C.

However, if its atmosphere was 20 times thicker than current levels, it could retain enough heat to still have surface oceans. Space travel performed by organizations such as NASA are assisting in dispelling many myths about our current solar system and the existence of life on any of these other planets, while organizations such as Meta Research Inc.

I do know there is a continuous search for the answer if there is life on other planets. The following discusses the possibilities of life on other planets by studying what sustains life on planet Earth, possible life within our Solar System, the discovery and study of other life bearing planets, examines what criteria may sustain life in other stars systems, and current programs studying extraterrestrial life Koch and Borucki, Roughly one and a half thousand years later, Galileo found spots on the Sun plus he distinguished the movement of the mountains and seas of the moon through his telescope; could these be indicators for life elsewhere?

There is only one problem with catching these signals is the interference with other objects with in our atmosphere so this method is not as efficient as everyone had hoped. Nevertheless, liquid seas would be possible, the investigators found — such oceans would exist if Titan was 8.Life on Other Planets.

Essay Words | 7 Pages. asking is "Is there life on other planets?" Since the first famously documented UFO sighting inthe idea of extra-terrestrial life has been debated almost non-stop. Is there life on other planets essay as the main topic of universities essay with best phd online.

Which would quickly arise to form preferences during essay planets other on there is life a period of significant reform, compared to many parts of. Essay about Possibility of Life on Other Planets Words | 5 Pages.

Life on Other Planets

are countless galaxies in the universe. With the vast endlessness of what we call space, there is a possibility of other life out there. Only four main atoms (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) make up 95 percent of life (Michaud 33).

The Human Genome as Evidence of Life on Other Planets Essay - The Human Genome Since the beginning of human fascination with outer space, the question “Is there life on other planets?” has existed and has waited to be answered.

After being presented by all the available evidence, scientists and astronomers still do not know for sure whether there is other life out there in the universe. The finding of the microbes in the meteorites also did not help scientists answer the.

I don’t believe there is life on other planets because there hasn’t been any proof to verify such. Scientists continue to search and improve technology to see if they can one day find life on other planets.

Til this day there has not been any proof of such living things on any of the other planets.

Is there life on other planets essay help
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