Role of hindi in national integration

Today the intellectuals of Indian society can give the right direction as the country is standing at the crossroads of failures and achievements. Then the Britishers were able to create rifts between various kings and princes and thus established their supremacy.

They reside in different geographical regions and speak different languages. That only a handful of languages will eventually survive may not be true but it is certainly true that many endangered languages are going to die owing to globalization.

Various rules and regulations have been planned and implemented by the government of India to bring artificial unity in diversity however it is only human mind which can bring natural unity in diversity among people.

Any deliberate attempt towards assimilation comes across as a threat to this identity and hence people resent it. India classical music is built on the concept of ragas and talas.

Through amicable co-oirdination, we can reach our goal of Hindi implementation 1 person found this useful Discuss national integrity? In South there are barren lands and plateaus. There are different climates in India.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? There is difference even in the lands. However, they shouldwork closely with the older generation who will offer guidance. It has accepted socialism, secularism, democracy, liberty, equality, justice and fraternity as the goals of Indian political system.

People in India belong to different castes, races, religions, communities and cultural groups and lived together for years. What is the importance of national integration?

For more awareness among public about the national integration, a whole week programme has also been implemented by the government of India to observe annually as National Integration Week from 19th to 25th November.

What is the role of an integral channel protein? Different languages are spoken here. National integration does not mean that one should abandon regional, lingual and religious pride.

Discuss national integrity?

The fact that they are dying, itself is a good enough reason to conserve them. It is our prestige. In spite of all the diversity of culture, India stands united. What is role of children in national integration?

Role of Hindi in promoting national integration stressed

India is a very large country. It reduces socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and strengthens national unity and solidarity, which is not imposed by any authority.

We have the second largest population in the world. The northern area is very fertile. It means that every Indian, irrespective of caste, creed, language or religion, belongs to India.

The Concept of National Integration

National integration in India is an immediate need in the modern time to bring equality among people of all races and equal growth and development of all communities for the ultimate development of the country. These programmes should exhort people to give up their communal and sectarian outlook.

There has been a lack of national consciousness. The feeling of nationalism is dominant. In this way they had sown the seeds of misunderstanding and jealousy in the minds of the people.

Short Essay on National Integration in India

Role of youth in national integration? The gathering organized for the various activities and purposes of school should be utilized for laying emphasis upon national integration.

The role of youth in national integration is to bring in freshideas that can be formulated into policies.Children play an important role in national integration. They arethe backbone of their country and have the power to enhance it ordestroy it. The role of youth in national integration is to bring.

National Integration is the feeling of togetherness or oneness towards one’s own country irrespective of their individual differences with regard to religion, region, race, culture or caste. India is a multi-racial and multilingual country.

Udhagamandalam: In promoting national integration, the role of Hindi is significant, said Union Minister of State for Home Shakeel Ahmed at Aruvankadu near here on Wednesday.

National Integration (India) – Meaning and Importance

Participating as the. Concept of National Integration - India is a diverse nation, hence need for National Integration far more important than any other issue. Let us find out ways to promote national integration.

Assignment - Role of Education in National Integration ASSIGNMENT. Submitted to, Ms Sreena Sreedhar National integration is essential for any nation with socio-cultural, religious, linguistic and geographical diversities.

National Integration Essay

And for a country like ours, it is still more necessary. While the Constituent Assembly declared Hindi as the. Sep 13,  · These celebrations serve as platforms to emphasize the supposed importance of Hindi as a language of national integration, spread the language in regions where it is not spoken or its acceptance is low, reward people and institutions that have excelled in the adoption of Hindi in official work, and also, unfortunately, to spread the.

Role of hindi in national integration
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