Seminar report format mit

If you have to use an OHP more than once during your presentation, at different points in time, make multiple copies rather than trying to fumble and find the one that you want, under a heap of OHPs. Please make a sincere effort to weed out typographical errors.

In any case do not be insolent - Seminar report format mit quiet to get out of an awkward situation. Resist the temptation of "impressing" the viewers with high powered greek and latin! If you have not understood a question please say so; request for it to be rephrased.

For instance,"a correlation has been developed for estimation of heat transfer coefficients for annular flow S 60 20 30 4 soft bound Ph. Remember that these mistakes will cost you marks and may even earn you a re-submission. Use appendices to describe anything that breaks the regular flow of your report such as, sample calculations, estimates of properties, numerical details etc.

Your speech must be audible enough so that it does not seem like a general murmur. Remember those lectures when you went off to sleep in the classroom!

Guidelines for the Presentation of Seminar and Project Report

You may land yourself in serious trouble if someone decides to quiz you on such a topic. Never prepare a highly cluttered or a densely packed OHP in an attempt to retain everything on it. However, the emphasis on the various aspects is different for each type of report. End your talk with a thank you.

Do not write long running sentences on an OHP nor mix many sentences - put points or keywords. Write legibly and neatly. If you do not know the answer acknowledge gracefully without display of unnecessary aggression.

If you do, then make sure that the reproduction is decent sized and that it is not faint. Use within mm x mm of area. Use this area judiciously so do not waste space. You should attempt to organize this on your own. Do not have a transparency that is larger than what will fit on the projector. Do not beat around the bush.

As mentioned previously, these could form appendices. The bulk of your material should, however, refer to the work done during the period in question.

It is advisable to read the contents of "Instruction to Authors" pages from a few professional journals to get a good idea of how to structure a typical report, especially a research report. In addition to this, you should seriously assess the possibility of making active theoretical contributions such as extending a model to include more cases, re-doing a derivation with changed assumptions and so on.

Avoid presenting photocopied matter unless absolutely necessary. Do not produce slanted text on the transparencies - write straight. In a seminar, such a review will form the major portion of the main material.

Do not keep flipping between past and present tense. Also remember that you have only a limited number of OHPs to display. Use soft binding for most reports, e.

Events and Seminars

Do not drone on monotonously. The grade that you obtain will depend upon how far you meet these expectations. If you have become tired of reading your report over and over Seminar report format mit and suspect that this fatigue will cause you to overlook typos and grammatical mistakes get a friend to help you out perhaps you can also provide similar help in reciprocation.

Try and use different colored pens effectively however, do not use yellow colored pens. Avoid too many equations since these require considerable effort to understand for the audience.

It has been the norm to use the passive voice "was done" in technical writing. Do not move or adjust the transparency while it is is being projected. Do not speak too fast. It is a good practice to title every OHP which reflects the theme of the material contained in it.

In a seminar, it is unlikely that you would have made an active or original contribution this is not necessarily true - one can contribute in an active sense by correcting a derivation, extending an existing analysis to a different situation etc.Seminar Report Format - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

SEMINAR REPORT PREPARATION GUIDELINES (Prescribed Format and Specification) 1. General: The Seminar report must be submitted in an organized and scholarly fashion as per the details defined below.

2. Applied Microeconomics Seminar; Events and Seminars. The week's Events and Seminars. previous Week of September 2nd, next >> Theory Workshop Mechanisms with Evidence: Commitment and Robustness Bart Lipman (Boston University September 6th, pm - pm E Econometrics Workshop Title TBA Kirill Evdokimov (visiting MIT.

Hints for Writing a Seminar Report, a Papers, or a Thesis Prof. Philipp Slusallek, translated by Florian Winter Format The optimal length of a report depends to a large extent on the type of a course (seminar, Bachelor thesis) and.

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Uploaded by. Afsal. The Reality of Augmented Reality Mark Billinghurst. Uploaded by. Sample seminar report 1. FORMAT FOR SEMINAR REPORT (CSE / ECE) – IVth Semester Seminar Report Each student is required to write a .

Seminar report format mit
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