Study guide module3 discusion questions

T guides Ss to divide the passage into three part. T guide Ss to read these two passages and finish the following chart by answering these questions. What idea did Nelson Mandela think of? Suppose you were Nelson Mandela, retell the story.

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Was he allowed to do that? Role play an interview T: Ss answer the following questions: How long was he out of work?

Reading skills and strategies: Nelson Mandela, opened, advise Q6. Why did he change to violence? Why were they so afraid of hearing of its name? Where did they live?

How to attack the law? Did he help him? But did they answer violence with violence? Was Elias happy to accept this job?

What did he do to help you keep your job in a gold mine? Did he give up this job? Did Elias study hard? Robben island, not escaped Q Could he get a job? How long did he stay?

Try to find out some useful expressions and phrases. All of you did a good job. As a result, he became a good student. What was life like on Robben Island? T guides Ss to skim the passage to find the topic sentences of each paragragh and summarize the main idea of each paragraph tip: T guide Ss to guess the reason why Nelson Mandela was succeeded.

Students can start the interview like this: Retelling Choose one of them to retell 1. Work in four to find more information about Nelson Mandela.Ignition™!Discussion!Questions!N!

Module!1:!Choosing!a!Computer! 1. Whyisitimportanttocomparefeaturesofa! computer!before!making!a!purchase.


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The Glencoe Pre-Algebra Parent and Student Study Guide Workbook is designed to help you support, monitor, and improve your child’s math performance. Pre-Algebra Online Study Toolscan help your student Ask yourself questions like “What facts do I know?” and “What do I need.

The case study is about the indigenous right to prior consultation on oil and gas policies in Colombia and Ecuador. Horizontal accountability mechanisms then provide a guide. Study Guide Module3 Discusion Questions.

Topics: Critical thinking, Othello STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS DIRECTIONS: You must answer each of the following questions. Note that your answers will vary in length.

Some questions contain multiple questions; be sure to answer all parts of a question.

Study guide module3 discusion questions
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