The importance of biodiversity in understanding the structure and functioning of ecological communit

Private and public decisions affecting biodiversity rarely consider benefits beyond the immediate geographical area….

This lower variance indicates higher stability. Finding these contexts would allow for mechanistic studies into why these ecosystems are more stable, which may allow for applications in conservation management.

Think of some of the effects this could have: Values that are not overtly part of a financial equation are too often ignored. It is generally measured by taking the total aboveground biomass of all plants in an area.

Review of data[ edit ] Field experiments to test the degree to which diversity affects community productivity have had variable results, but many long term studies in grassland ecosystems have found that diversity does indeed enhance the productivity of ecosystems.

The current consensus holds at least that certain combinations of species provide increased community productivity. It is obvious now from the models, the data, and the theory that there is no one overarching effect of diversity on productivity[ citation needed ].

Why Is Biodiversity Important? Who Cares?

A reduction in meat production could protect forests or help reduce clearance of forests for cattle ranches, which would have a knock-on benefit for climate change concerns. Productivity, on the other hand, has a less clear importance in community ecology.

Also, top-down forcing should be reduced in less diverse ecosystems because of the bias for species in higher trophic levels to go extinct first. However, the sampling effect may in fact be a compilation of different effects.

The differing results between studies may partially be attributable to their reliance on samples with equal species diversities rather than species diversities that mirror those observed in the environment.

What the global economy would look like with nature on the balance sheet What is the world worth? Negative Covariance Effect If some species do better when other species are not doing well, then when there are more species in the ecosystem, their overall variance will be lower than if there were fewer species in the system.

Insurance Effect If an ecosystem contains more species then it will have a greater likelihood of having redundant stabilizing species, and it will have a greater number of species that respond to perturbations in different ways.

This then has an impact on various local social, political and economic issues. In managed areas like croplandand in areas where animals are grown or caught, increasing productivity increases the economic success of the area and implies that the area has become more efficient, leading to possible long term resource sustainability.

Review of resistance and resilience stability data[ edit ] This area is more contentious than the area of temporal stability, mostly because some have tried generalizing the findings of the temporal stability models and theory to stability in general. Definitions[ edit ] In order to understand the effects that changes in biodiversity will have on ecosystem functioning, it is important to define some terms.

More importantly more complete experiments into whether diverse ecosystems actually resist invasion and disease better than their less diverse equivalents as invasion and disease are two important factors that lead to species extinctions in the present day.

In addition this complexity will need to be addressed when designing biodiversity management plans.

Markets fail to capture most ecosystem service values. This definition includes genetic diversityor the diversity of genes within a species, species diversityor the diversity of species within a habitat or region, and ecosystem diversity, or the diversity of habitats within a region.

Resources that could be available more indefinitely, become finite because of our inability or unwillingness to change.

In addition to that, other related measurements, such as GNP are therefore flawed, and even reward unproductive or inefficient behavior e. The sampling effect can be separated into the greater likelihood of selecting a species that is 1 adapted well to particular site conditions, or 2 of a greater inherent productivity.

The Sampling Effect The sampling effect of diversity can be thought of as having a greater chance of including a species of greatest inherent productivity in a plot that is more diverse.

An unstable ecosystem will be more likely to lose species. This is a clear case of inter-related issues:BIODIVERSITY: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Data and Information Management and Communication Walter G. Berendsohn, Freie Universität Berlin, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Germany 1.

Introduction 2. Scope of the information domain in biodiversity informatics Primary biodiversity records: biological. We suggest that by shifting the focus to the variety of functions maintained by a diversity of species, the full importance of biodiversity for the functioning of ecosystems can be uncovered.

Our results are thus important for conservation and management of biota and ecosystem services. The diversity of species and genes in ecological communities affects the functioning of these communities.

Ecological effects of biodiversity

These ecological effects of biodiversity in turn are affected by both climate change through enhanced greenhouse gases, aerosols and loss of land cover [ citation needed ], and biological diversity, causing a rapid loss of ecosystems and.

A rich body of evidence shows how biodiversity can help to sustain pools and fluxes of matter and energy in ecosystems. Understanding such diversity effects on ecosystem functioning is crucial to predicting the potential consequences of biodiversity loss. Given its importance to human welfare, the maintenance of ecosystem functioning should be included as an integral part of national and international policies designed to conserve local and global biodiversity.

The consideration of ecological structure and functions of biodiversity in its total economic value is an attempt to apply economic thinking to the entire range of biodiversity services.

The importance of biodiversity in understanding the structure and functioning of ecological communit
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