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The trim cover 28 is pulled tight around the bottom of the J-strip 10, and the hook-and-loop fastener engagement is made. Such creases are typically formed by providing a trench in a foam bun, and providing a wire in the bottom of the trench, and a wire attached to the edge of two trim components.

First and second trim cover members 50,52 have attachment edges 54,56, respectively, adapted for extending into the trench 44 for attachment. Also, extra trim cover material is needed in order to allow the J-strip to stretch sufficiently to reach a particular seat frame component to which it is attached.

A second aspect of the invention provides a vehicle seat assembly with a trim cover crease. Of course the location of the hook-and-loop portions 48,62 may be reversed. While other manufacturers offer vehicle-specific trim clips and plastic J hooks, our selection of plastic clips are universal and are suitable to be used on most vehicles.

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The loops 24 may be sewn onto the edge portion 26 of the trim cover Of course, the hook-and-loop portions of the hook-and-loop fastener may be switched so that the loops extend from the J-strip and the hooks extend from the trim cover. The J-strip includes a curved portion which extends from a flat portion, each of which includes hooks extending therefrom for attachment to loops protruding from the Upholstery j hooks of the trim cover.

Wrapping and tucking Upholstery j hooks J-strip beneath the seat frame can be a very difficult and time-consuming assembly operation. A hook portion 48 Upholstery j hooks a hook-and-loop fastener extends from the trench bottom With the edge portion 26 of the trim cover 28 extending around the curved portion 16 of the J-strip Upholstery j hooks, no rough edge of the trim cover is exposed.

The above objects and other objects, features, and advantages of the present invention are readily apparent from the following detailed description of the best modes for carrying out the invention when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings.

To take advantage of and truly benefit from our wholesale prices, choose the largest bulk pack you can use. Also, the loops 62 are much less expensive to purchase for attachment to a flat surface as opposed to a curved surface, as discussed in the background section with reference to the prior art.

Accordingly, it is desirable to provide a method of forming a trim cover crease in a seat cushion in which costs and assembly difficulty are reduced.

Alternatively, the J-strip must be pulled beneath the frame assembly and attached to a wire within the interior of the frame support. One of two hook-and-loop fastener components extends from the trench bottom. At Trim-Lok, we take the guesswork out of ordering plastic clips: A seat cushion bun is provided with a trench formed therein with a trench bottom.

The hook portion of the hook-and-loop fastener is provided in the bottom of the trench for receiving the loop portion, which is attached to the trim covers for securing the trim cover edges within the trench to form the crease.

About Trim-Lok SinceTrim-Lok has been the number one supplier of plastic and rubber products, including plastic clips and plastic J-hooks. Accordingly, the trim cover may be easily and quickly attached to the J-strip by pulling it around the curved portion and engaging the hook-and-loop fasteners.

Such assemblies present significant assembly problems, which result in high assembly costs. Another method employs the sewing of two trim components together and wrapping a loop portion of a hook-and-loop fastener around the end portion and sewing the loop portion to the previously sewn trim edges.

Accordingly, for assembly, the operator must simply snap the J-strip 10 onto the frame component 30 by engaging the protrusion 32 with the hook edge 18 for attachment. While the best modes for carrying out the invention have been described in detail, those familiar with the art to which this invention relates will recognize various alternative designs and embodiments for practicing the invention within the scope of the appended claims.

Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to provide a J-strip assembly for attaching an edge of a trim cover to a vehicle seat frame in a manner which is easy to assemble and inexpensive to manufacture.

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With easy application, convenient pricing, and a high-quality finish, our plastic clips are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. Accordingly, the attachment edges 54,56 are attachable in Upholstery j hooks trench bottom for creating a trim cover crease between the first and second trim cover members 50, Not only is the non-break plastic material designed to install easily, but it reduces the flexibility of the product post-installation.

The plastic edge member and the first and second trim cover attachment edges are adapted to be sewn together in a single-step sewing operation, such that the attachment edge is attachable in the trench bottom for creating a trim cover crease between the first and second trim cover members.

Using the present invention, the edge member 58 is sewn onto the trim covers 50,52 in a single sewing operation and the assembler pushes the edge member 58 into the trench 44 for engagement with the hooks Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our main objective is to ship quality and reliable products to our valued customers, both old and new.

The J-strip comprises an elongated extruded plastic strip 12, which includes a substantially J-shaped cross-section with a flat portion 14 and a curved portion 16 extending from the flat portion Which clip should I get for my vehicle? Benefits to using Trim-Lok J-Clips Trim-Lok is a leading creator of plastic clips for use in the automotive industries, and has been for over 40 years.

Another aspect of trim cover attachment is the formation of creases on the seat cover. This operation requires double-sewing, and the loop material which is wrapped around the previously sewn edges of the trim cover is relatively expensive.

As shown, a vehicle seat assembly 40 includes a seat cushion bun 42 with a trench 44 formed therein with a trench bottom An extruded plastic edge member 58 includes a flat exposed surface 60 with a loop portion 62 of a hook-and-loop fastener extending from the flat surface 60 for cooperation with the hook 48 for attachment.

A vehicle seat trim assembly, comprising: This method avoids the need for hog-ringing wire attachments, or inserting flat attachment features into a T-shaped groove formed in the bun, which are difficult assembly operations.

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