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If a means is justified by an end, the use of the atomic bomb was justified for it brought Japan to her knees and ended the horrible war. Honestly, people needs to brush up their history like the "no" side is supposed to doing. Truman stated in he had been advised U.

Unknown to many, they also bombed the U. The HQ of the 2nd General Army under General Shunruku Hata was in Hiroshima which commanded the defense of all southern Japan and they were 40, soldiers stationed in the city.

Defeated Japanese leaders preferred to take their own lives in the painful samurai ritual of seppuku called hara kiri in the West.

We knew we were going to kill a lot of women and kids when we burned [a] town. Though more lives were lost in Japan, we had to terminate WW2. If the war had gone longer, without the use of the atomic bomb, how many thousands and thousands of helpless men, women and children would have needlessly died and suffered?

Genghis Khan and his hordes could not have been more merciless. Inthere were stillof these Purple Heart medals in stock. This implied the two planned campaigns to conquer Japan would cost 1. Nimitz, from whose jurisdiction the atomic strikes would be launched, was notified in early The entire population of Japan is a proper military target For decades, there have been feuds relating to the justification of the bombing.

It is clear from these accounts that while many in the civilian government knew the war could not be won, the power of the military in the Japanese government kept surrender from even being considered as a real option prior to the two atomic bombs.

It showed other countries that the United States had weapons, and would use them. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria had, in the week before the surrender, caused over 80, deaths. The entire population got into the act and worked to make those airplanes or munitions of war In addition, about 90, people died at the impact of the bomb, with about 60, more casualties over the next four months.

Otherwise, they would all have been firebombed. Until Pearl Harbor, the war had never been taken onto U.

Warriors who surrendered were deemed not worthy of regard or respect. Those who argue in favor of the decision to drop the atomic bombs on enemy targets believe massive casualties on both sides would have occurred in Operation Downfallthe planned Allied invasion of Japan.

People never had to fear being killed in horrific explosions in their own city. However, Hirohito feared that if they go on with the invasion, then the entire nation would be exterminated because the U.

We were going after military targets. I cannot associate myself with such ideas. Contemporary estimates of Japanese deaths from an invasion of the Home Islands range from several hundreds of thousands to as high as ten million.

For example, not only was it on our ground, it was unprovoked and unwarned. The concept of Yamato-damashii equipped each soldier with a strict code: So they did, And in response to the posting Anonymous that the invasion would only costFrom this, a low figure of somewhat more thanJapanese deaths can be calculated for a short invasion of two weeks, and almost three million Japanese deaths if the fighting lasted four months."Was the Atomic Bombing of Japan Justifiable?" The Pacific War Web.

10 June Read Full Essay. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Use of the Atomic Bomb Against Japan was Justified Essay - Use of the Atomic Bomb Against Japan was Justified The use of the atomic bomb.

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Debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. But in the Fat Man bombing, it was dropped just a few days later.

Japan had no time to react to the drop to see if they should. U.S justified essay/argument On August 6,the United States of America dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. For decades, there have been feuds relating to the justification of the bombing. Free Essay: Was the Atomic Bombing Justified?

The Atomic Bomb made a very serious statement at a time when the world was in disarray (“Manhattan”). Use of the Atomic Bomb Against Japan was Justified Essay Words | 5 Pages Was The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb Justified? Essay Words | 12 Pages. On August 6, the.

Free Essay: Use of the Atomic Bomb Against Japan was Justified The use of the atomic bomb against Japan was completely justified in both cause and impact.


Was the bombing of japan justified essay
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